Twice Different
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Early Access in 2023

PC on Steam
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@twicedifferent / @sboxle


Join Winnie on a new adventure, from within!
You play a virus in Winnie’s body, capture cells to grow mutations and specialise your host. Refine his primitive form, adapt for survival, and do not let his friends contain you.

They do not understand our gift… We must share it with them.

An accessible turn-based roguelite with auto battling elements. Place viral blocks to explore and expand. Capture tiles to collect resources, grow mutations, specialise and direct the adventure.

Winnie’s Hole is the second game from Australian indie micro studio Twice Different, following the success of their genre-blending roguelike card crawler, Ring of Pain.

This game is another roguelite genre hybrid, our goal is to focus on exploration and discovery. We’ve transformed the typical roguelike style branching map into a randomly generated cellular world which you traverse as a virus. Spread over cells to grow and influence what’s happening in the top part of the screen as Winnie adventures through nature.

Where you place your ‘building blocks’ is the main strategic focus, supported by which mutations you choose and how you manage them. You’re bodybuilding an abomination, and with limited energy flowing through your host’s body you also manage this resource by activating or deactivating parts to best create synergies, or to counter certain opponents.

As you progress and infect more animals you’ll unlock new content including mutations, upgrades and playable characters, each with a twist on the exploration mechanics for an evolving challenge in this fresh turn-based dungeon crawler format.